Everything you need to know about hiring an offshore caller from the phillipines for cold and or warm calling

Own your own lead generation platform

Step by step training and dedicated support

Scale and skyrocket your sales to the moon

Why hire your own VA?

Save More

Save money and TIME. There is no program quite like ours. We build custom automation and train virtual assistants to supplement where A.I ends. We screen, hire, and train the very best appointment setters and turn them over to you and your company.

Close More

Spend more time closing. This is a low-cost way to generate quality & exclusive leads daily. Our Automation will put your sales process and our Appointment Setters leads are of the same closing rate as almost any other lead source (at a fraction of the cost). You need quality activity! We provide that for you on a daily basis!

Scale Quicker

Not only do we show you the ins and outs of hiring and training a Rockstar Appointment Setter but we should you how to cross-train and how to scale your appointment setting team with little to no effort on your end. It is all about volume, automation, and delegation.

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  • Scripts from many different Industries
  • Hiring Process
  • Training Process
  • Management Process
  • Scaling Process

What Clients have to say about us

If you are looking for a quality lead program for you or your agency, you will not find anything better than Tim and asetters! We use a couple different programs provided by Tim and asetters to generate leads for all our agents. We use dedicated VA dialers to set all of our appointments to talk to prospective clients about Medicare, and it works great. We are closing sales at over 40%! We also use their all-in-one system to generate Final Expense leads. Tim is brilliant, he set up a complete done-for-you system that generates leads through social media, then funnels them into a CRM with an automated system that will turn leads into appointments, and then backs that up with a dedicated VA to follow up with unresponsive leads. It is amazing!!! Tim is extremely knowledgeable and provides next level customer service. You will not find a better team to work with!!

Words can not express the top-notch quality services that this team provides. I was absolutely floored at the quality of customer service that was given by the Owners. Every question I had was answered immediately. They were proactive in their approach responding to even the smallest of issues quickly and efficiently. All around wonderful, genuine people! Scott Management Group LLC., is a beyond satisfied customer!

Agency Sales Leader at The Assurance Group

Have worked with Tim in the past and was happy to work with him again. Tim is always very responsive to any question or concern you might have. The team is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. The leads are of outstanding quality.

CEO/Founder CAP Insurance Group

Did a great job in staying on top of the appointment setters. Tim knows what he is doing!

We support Warm Campaigns

Provide us with opt-in leads you have generated, purchased, or leads we have generated with you and our callers can dial higher intent leads.

We support Real-Time Campaigns

Our VAs are trained to perform real-time campaigns meaning: We can dial leads within seconds they are generated. This is crucial when running ad campaigns. You are 300% more likely to close a sale when calling within the first 5 minutes. We can also use real-time VAs with outbound VAs to further qualify leads and perform live transfers/set appointments. Ask us about our tier systems

We support Inbound Campaigns

Are you running click-to-call campaigns? Do you need a dedicated caller to handle callbacks so your outbound caller can strictly focus on prospecting? Inbound Appointment Setters do exactly that!

I want to show you how vital it is to have a dedicated appointment setter. We have really perfected the process so you don't have to.

I'm Tim James the CEO and Founder of A Setters. I have been doing online marketing since I was 15 years old. I started A Setters to help business owners and sales reps to be able to focus more on closing and less on prospecting. I know that by utilizing technology, inexpensive quality labor, and winning ads anyone can scale their business for less. My entire mission is to put power back in the hands of the individuals.

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